Laminate Flooring in Fort Worth and Arlington at Metroplex Flooring

Laminate Flooring is multi-layer synthetic flooring. Laminate flooring will typically simulates wood or stone and is protected by a clear top layer. Laminate flooring today is a great looking product that is very durable and cost effective. Additionally, it is always a “floating” floor which helps to make it a cost effective and versatile product for installation purposes.

One downside of it being a floating floor is that laminate can produce a hollow sound when stepped on if no acoustic dampening material is put underneath.


Laminate flooring has further advantages, in that it is easy to install by someone with DIY skills. Because it mimics the look of more expensive materials, it is often a good choice if cost is an issue. You can easily have that marble or walnut flooring without having to dish out all the cash.


Although laminate is durable and can withstand lots of foot traffic, it needs to be replaced after it is worn down, as no refinishing options are possible.


Laminate flooring can be installed with a beveled edge or in a wide plank form.


Our laminate brands include Shaw, Mohawk, and Mannington.

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