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Wide Selection With Installation Services!

If you are looking for flooring for a brand new home or a room renovation, we are the business for the job. DFW Flooring Warehouse is a family-owned business that has been around for two generations! We have seen many trends in flooring come and go, which is part of what makes us experts in the flooring business.

At DFW Flooring Warehouse, we provide the widest selection of flooring materials, colors and types in the entire DFW metroplex! Our Arlington, TX showroom is loaded with thousands of flooring samples — so many that the showroom spans a full acre in size! But that’s not all: We buy our flooring in bulk to save you money, bringing you the best prices for even luxury flooring materials. Call us now at 817.345.6321 to schedule your flooring installation!


Friendly, Knowledgeable Staff

Our staff is helpful and well-versed in all things flooring! We know with such a huge selection of samples, choosing a new flooring can be a tough choice. We are here for you. We will help you determine the best fit for your family, lifestyle, budget and home decor to find the best flooring for you.

We know everything to look out for and all the flooring types that involve special care because we want you to make an informed flooring decision. Some types of floors, especially hardwood, have strict temperature and humidity needs to look out for. Our staff are also knowledgeable experts on style and decor who can help you determine what would look best in your home with all the latest fashion in home decor!


Mobile Showroom Providing Ultimate Convenience


It is often helpful to see samples in the light and style of the room you plan on flooring. Whether our Arlington, TX showroom location is a little out of the way for you or you want to see a range of flooring samples in the room you’re actually renovating, we have a solution for you! Our mobile showrooms are packed with a full selection of everything we have to offer in flooring.

From hardwood, tile and carpet to laminate and vinyl, we can bring it all to you!

What Our Flooring Business Offers

DFW Flooring Warehouse has a flooring to meet every need and taste, which is part of what makes us DFW’s best flooring business. Not only that, but we also provide kitchen remodels including granite countertops! Learn more about all the types of flooring we offer!

  • Carpet

    Comfortable and cost-effective carpet is a flooring choice that provides a warm feel wherever you install it! If your needs are in durability for high-traffic areas, Berber may be the right choice for you. Plush carpets provide superior comfort underfoot for bedrooms. More fashionable choices like patterned and textured carpets are also available! With all these choices, it is clear that our flooring business has the best selection of carpet in DFW! Read More

  • Tile

    If you are looking for a hard floor that lasts for decades and withstands water, tile may be just what you need! Ceramic and porcelain tile choices are chief in durability. Plus, we even have ceramic wood tile varieties which imitate hardwood, but withstand water and wear better than actual wood. We also carry marble, travertine and glass tiles. Slate retains heat, making it a great choice for those who dislike walking on cold floors in the winter. Read More

  • Hardwood

    Nothing quite beats the natural versatility of hardwood flooring. The classic red tones in cherry wood are a great addition to any home. Hickory floors are durable and long-lasting. Oak floors are the top hardwood flooring choice for homeowners in the United States. We carry birch, maple, hickory, and walnut. For an eco-friendly choice, bamboo can mimic all of the above hardwoods in a variety of colors and styles. Read More

  • Vinyl

    We know vinyl has been around for a long time, but don’t let old conceptions of vinyl keep you from considering this cost-effective alternative to tile and hardwood flooring! You may be surprised by the advances that have been made in vinyl flooring lately. Vinyl floors can come in sheets or individual tiles or planks, and mimic the color and style of the above flooring types. Linoleum is yet another option available that is low-maintenance and lasts for decades. Read More

  • Laminate

    Laminate is an alternative to tile and hardwood floors that has the same look and texture at a fraction of the cost. Beveled edge laminate comes in individual planks or tiles that are installed one-by-one with that little bit of space in between that is so telling of tile and hardwood floors. All of these choices result in flooring that is indistinguishable from true wood floors for a cheaper cost and much lower maintenance! Read More

  • Countertops

    For your next kitchen remodel, don’t forget about your counters! Granite countertops are a way to add elegance and a touch of personal style to any home — plus, they last an extremely long time. We have an incredible selection of marble to choose from in a variety of patterns and colors and offer alternatives to granite slabs that are a little more budget-friendly. These include granite tiles and quartz countertops.Read More

Great Prices with Unbeatable Services

With our plethora of flooring choices and even the option for kitchen remodels, it is clear that DFW Flooring Warehouse is the premier flooring business in the area! Call us now at 817.345.6321 to schedule a visit from our mobile showroom or stop by our home base in Arlington, TX to view our myriad flooring samples at incredible prices!