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Hardwood Flooring Care Tips

wood floor with water Modern advances in cleaning products have led to innovative solutions for keeping your hardwood flooring looking fresh and vibrant for years. With proper knowledge of these products and their best applications, you can easily maintain the elegance and beauty of the wood floors in your home. One of the first steps to preserving your wood floors is to check with wood flooring professional who can recommend the appropriate products for your floors.

A couple of products that should be in every home with hardwood floors are a soft bristle broom and specially designed hardwood floor attachment for a vacuum to make removing loose debris from your floor quick, easy and safe for your floor. Remember, wood can be soft and porous, meaning that it can be dented and scratched if it is cleaned with harsh chemicals or tough bristles.

A few other helpful tips and tricks for caring for your hardwood flooring include:

  • Always use cleaners specifically formulated for use on wood floors. Products intended for tile or laminate flooring can cause the wood to dull or even remove its finish.
  • Place rugs in high traffic areas to prevent wear on your floor. Also, placing rugs in doorways can help prevent tracking in debris that can grind and damage your floors.
  • When mopping, ensure that you wring out the mop almost completely: too much moisture can lead to various issues with wood floors such as warping and cracking.
  • Cleaning spills immediately will protect your hardwood flooring from moisture damage.
  • Placing felt or other fabric underneath your furniture serves as a buffer between your furniture and floor, protecting your floor from scrapes and other marring.
  • Refrain from walking on wood floors in heels or cleats. Shoes with points in their soles can easily tear your flooring. You may even want to consider taking your shoes off when entering your home.

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