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How to Keep Tile Floors Clean

Tile Floors Clean

Taking Care of Your Tile Floors Simply Requires Regularity and a Few Simple Strategies.

Tile flooring presents an attractive, durable option that remains very popular among homeowners. Keeping your tile floors clean, however, can present a challenge for even the most diligent housekeeper. If your tile floors consistently appear dirty, practice these three strategies. 

Use a Doormat

That it can seem like too obvious of a solution, a good doormat can prevent against the entry of dirt into your home. Aside from cleanliness, doormats will also prevent against damage to your home. As dirt gets tracked across tile, it will eventually wear away the tile’s finish.

Regular Cleaning

To keep your tile floors looking their best, clean them about once a week. You can both sweep and mop on a regular basis, and use a cleaner or damp rags to scrub out tough areas. This regular practice will also make it easier to keep your floors clean, as stains and messes will never have a chance to settle.

Target Tough Areas

If certain areas of your tile floor get dirtier than others, you will need to use cleaners and a little elbow grease. Make sure not to use cleaners that contain ammonia or acidic substances like lemon juice, however. For textured tile, you may need to use a scrubbing sponge or brush to keep your tile floors clean.

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Why Choose DFW Flooring Warehouse?

flooringWhen it comes to flooring your home, you know that quality is the key to success. Here At DFW Flooring Warehouse, we are dedicated to providing our clients with quality flooring at great prices. Your flooring isn’t just an accessory to your home, your flooring is an investment. Here are a few reasons we stand out from the competition.

High Quality Flooring

While flooring stores are a dime-a-dozen, quality flooring stores are not. Having the right options is the only way you’ll find the ideal floor for your home, and here, we only stock high quality options. When you invest in your home, you want that investment to last. We keep our materials stocked on-site, so you can see exactly what you’ll be getting, instead of waiting weeks to preview your floors.

Professional Installation

Without proper installation, your flooring won’t look or perform the way you planned. All of our flooring installers are thoroughly trained and experienced to provide you with a smooth and seamless experience.

Proper Pricing

Above all, we work hard to make sure our products are worth the price you pay. Some companies might overcharge you for cheap materials and labor, but at DFW Flooring Warehouse, we understand the value of good flooring. Our prices are modest, despite the professional installation methods, and top quality materials, because we know the value of our service will keep our clients coming back, and referring their friends and family.

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Benefits of Laminate Wood Vs. Hardwood Flooring

laminate wood flooring in Arlington, TX

Opt for hardwood or laminate wood for a stylish or long lasting flooring choice.

Have you come to the decision that carpet may not work?  With the pets, children, or maybe just the upkeep, a carpet in a home isn’t a viable solution, in some cases. Many homeowners make this decision to go with hard floors because it’s practical. The flooring industry has plenty of warming, comfortable and stylish flooring options that aren’t carpet. What are two of your best options? Hardwood or laminate wood flooring.

Both options look great. But they have many differences, some of which may be your deciding factors

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Laminate Flooring

It looks about as good as a true hardwood floor but doesn’t suffer from some of the disadvantages. Because of it’s hard plastic coating, laminate floors are pretty much invincible. Stains can’t sink into the coat and it’s scratch resistant. You can move furniture, scrape shoes and scuff furniture along a laminate floor without ever noting the difference. Not to mention, it’s pretty cheap in comparison to other flooring types.

Laminate Wood Flooring Highlights

  • Doesn’t scratch
  • Doesn’t Stain
  • Inexpensive

Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood floors are a lifetime investment. Extreme high quality and durability make the floor last for decades and decades. Much like many life time investments, a hardwood floor will only continue it’s beauty with regular maintenance. Homeowners have the choice to re sand or refinish the wood if it gets scuffed or stained. However, this type of maintenance ends up being much less expensive than floor replacement every couple years.

Hardwood Flooring Highlights

  • Longevity
  • Fantastic look
  • Comfort

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Durable, Affordable Flooring Types in Dallas-Fort Worth

What to buy?

There are affordable flooring types with quality options for various types of flooring. The kind you choose should be based on the type of foot traffic you’ll have – i.e. pets, large business, small home, warehouse or restaurant. All of these require different types of flooring and all have smarter solutions

Affordable Hard Flooring Types

On the cheaper side of the flooring types spectrum, options such as laminate, bamboo, vinyl wood planks and vinyl tiles, cork and painted plywood will all give the look of luxury with a lower price tag. These are all great options for floored areas that don’t experience too much wear and tear over time like a school or a large business would. Not to mention, hard floors are almost always pet friendly.

Flooring Types Display

We offer many flooring samples so that you find the perfect match for your home.


For something a little more durable, carpet tiles and porcelain are just a few of your mid-range, higher valued flooring. Carpet tiles provide great ways to change up style and look where you need or want it. Remember, there are many different types of carpeting, all with different materials and texture types that decide it’s durability and compatibility with pets, shoes and moisture (stains!). Ask a DFW Flooring expert about available choices today.

Solid wood, ceramic tile

These are some of the most comfortable versions of hard flooring. Wood can provide a warmth and comfort unmatched by other hard floors. Ceramic tiles bring authenticity to the table, with long lasting durability, quality customization and great look. While these flooring types may be more expensive at first, remember they will be a valuable investment when you don’t have to redo your floors every five years or less.

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How to Preserve Hardwood Floors

hardwood floors

Hardwood floors can add a lot to a home’s visible aesthetic.

For many people, apprehensions around the maintenance of wood floors dissuade them from installation. In reality, the floors require much less maintenance than people assume. Surprisingly simple to clean and preserve, these floors reward attention and add warmth and elegance to any room. To preserve your new hardwood floors, simply follow these simple directions.

Keep Them Clean

You do not need to swoop down immediately on any crumbs that hit your floor. Excess dirt will cause the floors to lose their luster, however, so practice good cleaning habits. Most importantly, you’ll want to blot spills as soon as they occur. Liquids can undermine the floor if they set into the wood. When you mop your floors, use water conservatively, and ensure that the floors completely dry.

Felt Protectors

Hardwood floors remain prone to scratches. Because of this, you will want to install felt protectors on the legs of any chairs or other furniture. As a general rule of thumb, widen the felt protector to accommodate increased weight from a heavy piece of furniture.

Use Rugs

Rugs and runners can prove themselves a saving grace in high traffic areas. Think of them as a shield that absorbs the worst of the damage directed to your floors — one that is much easier to replace.

Mind Your Shoes

If you enjoy wearing heels, remove your shoes before you walk across your hardwood floors. Pointy or spiked heels can create scratches that become difficult to buff. The same logic applies to pets with long toenails. If you plan to maintain your hardwood floors, keep Fido’s nails clipped.

These are just a few strategies to help with the care and maintenance of hardwood floors. To learn more, don’t hesitate to contact the experts at DFW Flooring Warehouse. We’re just a short phone call away at 817.345.6321.

What Carpet is Best for You

When choosing carpet for your home, there are many factors to consider that can affect your choices. From personal style to room design, keep these questions in mind to help determine what carpet is best for you.

What Feel do You Want?

Smiling Family on Carpet Floor

Consider These Questions to Help Find the Perfect Carpet for Your Home

Do you want carpet flooring simply because you don’t like the hard surfaces of other materials, or do you want a soft, forgiving floor in your home? There are basic, low-maintenance options like berber for homeowners who don’t have a strong preference, and the more common frieze carpet for a little more comfort. You can also opt for more luxurious styles, including extra thick or even patterned styles. Consider the design and physical feel you want to achieve when choosing a carpet style.

Pets or Children?

If you have multiple pets or children, you might want a carpet that is easy to clean and will last a long time. In this case, berber is your best choice. It is resistant to staining and will not show dirt and wear like more plush styles. However, some homeowners feel like this style is too rough, and frieze is another relatively low maintenance option.

Durability or Style?

Do you want carpet that will look and feel great, or do you want something designed with greater durability in mind? If you want a good balance of both, textured or frieze carpets are great options. While plush carpet can look better, it can wear down over time and will need replacing sooner than some other styles.

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Luxury Vinyl Flooring: Everything You Need to Know

What is luxury vinyl flooring? If you’re having flashbacks to outdated, mid-century kitchen styles, think again! Luxury vinyl is the more stylish and more durable version that is the hot new trend for 2017. If you’re looking to upgrade your kitchen, bathroom, or home floors, here’s everything you need to know about luxury vinyl flooring.

So what is Luxury Vinyl Flooring?

Luxury Vinyl Flooring

Stylish Kitchen with Luxury Vinyl Flooring

Made from polyvinyl chloride (PVC), luxury vinyl flooring is available in tiles (LVT) and planks (LVP). By using modern printing technology, the material is designed to look like high end tile and wood flooring at a fraction of the cost. LVT can even be grouted for an authentic tile look, and can be installed in a variety of methods to achieve the look you want. The major differences between luxury vinyl and regular vinyl are the advanced design, improved durability, and other factors.


Compared to other flooring materials, luxury vinyl is one of the most durable and versatile. An excellent choice for kitchens and bathrooms, it withstands water, high traffic, and nearly any cleaning method. There’s no need to worry about cracking the tile or staining the hardwood, and you can get the same stylish look as well as more comfort. Plus, it is significantly more affordable and can last more than a decade with good maintenance.

Endless Varieties

Whether you embrace the trend of gray or stick to a classic, dark color, luxury vinyl planks and tiles come in nearly endless styles. This makes decorating your home easy! From traditional hardwood styles to any type of tile you could want, there’s an option for everyone.

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When to Choose Porcelain over Ceramic Tile

You want to replace some of the flooring in your home with tile, but there are a lot of tile options out there to choose from! Two popular options are porcelain tile and ceramic tile. Depending on the style and the room you are renovating, there are certain qualities in porcelain compared to ceramic that will help you narrow down your options. We’ll go over couple different best use cases for porcelain and how they differ from ceramic.

tile bathroom

Porcelain tile is a highly durable material that withstands the pressure, scuffs, and scratches that come with high traffic areas of your home. That is why we recommend porcelain for areas such as foyers, living rooms, and hallways. These tiles are more durable because they are exposed to high temperatures when being made. This increases the density and strength of each tile. While ceramic isn’t fragile or flimsy, it won’t last nearly as long as porcelain when installed in these areas of your home.

Porcelain is waterproof and recommended for bathrooms and kitchens. The density of the porcelain tiles prevents the tiles from being porous and so it sheds water rather than absorbing it. That makes it perfect for showers and floors in your bathrooms as well as the backsplash, flooring, and even counters in your kitchen. There might not be as much moisture content in the kitchen, but porcelain will be more resilient in situations where spills or standing water occurs.

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New Carpet: 4 Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Carpet

It’s inevitable that carpet will eventually need to be replaced. By walking on your carpet 365 days of the year, it will see some wear and tear. But is that enough to install new carpet? It can be expensive and a huge change for your home, so making sure you absolutely need new carpet is crucial. Here are four signs it’s time to replace your carpet.

New Carpet: 4 Signs It's Time to Replace Your Carpet

Worn Padding Calls For New Carpet

Your carpet padding is essential to your carpet. Without the padding, it’s just a layer of fabric. Like carpet, the padding can become worn, dirty, and cause the carpet to become dirty, as well. While the carpet may not look too shabby, it makes sense to replace padding and carpet at the same time.

There Are Too Many Stains

If you have stains that you’ve tried to remove with no avail, it might be time to replace the carpet. Not only are these pesky stains unattractive, they can also diminish the value of your home. 

Smelly Odors Permeate Throughout Your Home

Whether it’s spilling food, walking barefoot, or you have a pet, the carpet absorbs a lot of smells. If you have tried everything and the smell still prevails, a new carpet will be your best solution. 

Increases You Allergy Symptoms

Even when you vacuum your carpet, allergens like pollen and mold can remain. Especially in older carpet, allergens will continue to stick around. New carpet can be the relief you need.

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What’s the Best Flooring Material for You?

best flooring materialWe can all agree that your floors go through a high level of abuse. Whether it be dirty shoes tracking across the floor causing stains or furniture legs causing scratches, there is bound some type of damage done. Although laminate works out fine in one room, that may not be the case for the next room over. So what’s the best flooring for you? Here are a few things to keep in mind.

  • Does the area have high traffic?: We would suggest looking into hardwood flooring. It’s stylish, yet durable, and very easy to clean. Be sure to ask for specific care instructions for different hardwood types.
  • Do you own pets?: Sometimes our pets can become a bit rowdy. With the constant urge to want to claw at something or the possibility of having an accident, wall to wall carpeting wouldn’t be the best option for you. Try tile flooring with some area rugs that can be easily cleaned.
  • Will a room double as two spaces?: Perhaps you have a room that serves as a guest room as well as your home office. You want it to be comfortable for your guest, but still functional enough for you. For this, we would suggest a low pile rug opposed to that plush one that you probably had your eye on. This will allow your office chair to easily roll around, while still providing adequate comfort beneath your guest’s feet.

It happens pretty often where individuals look to have the same flooring material throughout the home. But the truth of the matter is that not every room is exposed to the same elements. That’s the experts at DFW Flooring Warehouse are here to help guide you through your flooring woes and decide on what would be the best flooring material for you. Give sure to give us a  call today at 817.345.6321.