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If you’re looking to install hardwood floors in Pantego and Arlington, TX, or anywhere throughout the Dallas – Fort Worth Metroplex, you should consider bamboo. This material is both eco-friendly and durable and can endure a long lifespan if properly maintained. In general, bamboo flooring is comparable in price to traditional hardwood, if not less expensive. Despite its lack of color variations, bamboo offers a multitude of design options. Advantages of this flooring type include:

  • Cleanliness: A mop and soap will complete the cleaning job
  • Longevity: Lasts as long as traditional hardwood
  • Modernity: Provides fresh decor for homeowners
  • Sustainability: Less wasteful than traditional hardwood

Its durability depends somewhat on the variety you choose. For instance, natural bamboo is lighter in shade and more stable than traditional oak. Carbonized bamboo, in contrast, is darker but less durable. Solid bamboo will always have more strength than its engineered counterpart, and what it lacks in color options, it makes up for in design variety. DFW Flooring Warehouse can help you choose the best option for your home or office. Call 817.861.3737 for bamboo flooring in Pantego and Arlington, TX, and surrounding areas.

Misconceptions About Bamboo

Bamboo Flooring Installation In Fort Worth, TX

There Are Misconceptions About Bamboo

Novices inside and outside of the industry have perpetuated certain myths about this flooring type. We’ve heard everything from its contribution to panda extinction, to its harboring of harmful formaldehyde. It’s understandable why these concerns if warranted, would make homeowners shy away from it. The good news is that these rumors have no validation. The variation of bamboo used for flooring is not consumed by pandas, so that is a non-factor. Additionally, the formaldehyde in bamboo flooring is no greater than in any traditional furniture. Always ensure your material, regardless of type, meets the CARB 2 indoor air standard.

Just as bad reputations are wrongly applied, so too can positive ones be. The idea that bamboo flooring is 100% waterproof is flat-out untrue. While its susceptibility to water is lower than comparable flooring materials, the rumors of its immortality have been greatly exaggerated. Unlike other flooring types, bamboo is not officially graded, leaving some gray areas in judging its quality. Homeowners should check for signs of cheapness by auditing the material for dents, and holes. Make no mistake, manufacturers will try to swindle you out of your hard-earned money by suggesting that “all bamboo is the same”.

DFW Flooring Warehouse

With all the misconceptions listed above, it’s hard to put faith in a flooring company. For a service that you can trust, go with DFW Flooring Warehouse. We have years of experience installing hardwood floors in residences and offices throughout Pantego and Arlington, TX, and the surrounding areas. Convenience is a top priority for homeowners when it comes to decision-making. We try to accommodate our customers with a mobile showroom so that you can sample flooring types from the comfort of your own home. Our prices are competitive with any other business in Fort Worth, TX, and the entire DFW Metroplex.

Making a flooring decision for your home can be a major investment, and therefore, a difficult decision. Our mobile showroom not only provides comfort and convenience, but it presents an opportunity to sample flooring types in the room in which they will be installed in. This gives you a great visual perception of the investment you are making. We are happy to walk you through the pros and cons of each hardwood flooring option and help you reach an informed decision that is best for your property’s value and livability. Call 817.861.3737 for bamboo flooring installations in Pantego and Arlington, TX, and surrounding areas.