Birch Flooring

If you’re on the lookout for a hardwood flooring option that is durable, birch flooring might be the one for you! DFW Flooring Warehouse has a large selection¬†of flooring samples for every flooring need, making us a great choice in the area for floor installations. Stop by our showroom if you’re looking for new Pantego and Arlington, TX birch flooring, or let us bring our mobile showroom to you! This way, you can see the flooring samples in the light of the room you are flooring so you can pick the perfect option based on your decor. Contact us at 817.861.3737 today!

The Remarkable Durability of Birch Flooring

birch flooring

The Closed Grain Of Birch Flooring Provides A Durable Yet Beautiful Flooring Choice For Homeowners.

Birch flooring is known for its hardness, which lends to durability that will help it last through the ages. This makes it a good flooring choice if you have children or pets who are hard on floors. Birch is also known for its color variance. In the hardwood category, birch is a relatively affordable flooring choice for those who are interested in hardwood but have a budget limiting their choices.

There tends to be a lot of contrast in the color and grain of birch wood, which some people like in their hardwood flooring and others don’t. Make sure to look at many different samples to get an idea of the variance you’ll see in your installation to make sure it’s something you will want.

As always, you’ll want to be careful when cleaning your birch wood floors since water tends to cause damage. Usually, a dust mop is the most you need with the occasional once-over with a wet mop to keep your birch floors in top shape! However, the maintenance on birch floors is relatively low compared to other types, which is a plus for those who may not have time to lend to cleaning their floors regularly.

Customer Service That Goes Above And Beyond

Our expert staff is trained in every type of flooring we have to offer. Visit our showroom to hear about birch flooring and all of our other flooring options from people who can compare different types of flooring based on you and your family’s needs.

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