Cherry Flooring

Cherry Flooring

Its Darker Hue Provides Nice Contrast In Lighter Rooms

For homeowners looking to warm up a room, cherry flooring is an ideal choice. Spaces prone to regular sunlight can benefit from this flooring type, as its darker hue can contrast an otherwise bright setting. Cherry floors come in multiple variations with some being harder (and more durable) than others. The experts at DFW Flooring Warehouse are happy to discuss your options in detail. You can visit our showroom in Pantego and Arlington, TX, or we can bring our mobile showroom to you. Characteristics of cherry flooring include:

  • Bold
  • Dark
  • Modern

Residents looking for a modern hardwood style, with expansive color variation, will be satisfied with the characteristics above. The aptly named cherry hardwood exhibits a reddish hue, both dark and bold, and brings contrast to rooms throughout a property. Its range of variations gives interior decorators flexibility in finding the perfect decor for a specific room. As a company that values transparency, we abide by the philosophy that informed customers make better decisions, and ones they will be happy with over the long term. Call 817.861.3737 for cherry hardwood flooring in Pantego and Arlington, TX.

Pros and Cons of Cherry Flooring

Cherry Hardwood

Cherry Hardwood Is Perfect For Modern Interior Design

DFW Flooring Warehouse informs customers about both the pros and cons of each flooring material. Cherry wood floors have many desirable qualities. For starters, they are durable and add value to the property in which they are installed. Secondly, cherry floors present a unique reddish hue that compliments modern interior design and looks appealing in almost any room. With proper installation, like those from DFW Flooring Warehouse, cherry wood is one of the most water resistant hardwoods on the market. To review, pros of cherry wood flooring include:

  • Aesthetic Appeal
  • Durability
  • Unique Color
  • Water Resistance

Just like each flooring material has its benefits, there are also downsides. Despite its compliment to modern design, cherry hardwood can be difficult to project for a room because of its tendency to darken after installation. What might have seemed like the perfect shade originally, could become slightly darker than anticipated. Another consideration with cherry wood is its price. It is one of the more expensive hardwoods on the market, in part because of the benefits mentioned above. In summary, cherry flooring cons include:

  • Color Alteration
  • Expensive Price 

Even though this material is one of the most water resistant hardwoods, it is still a hardwood floor, and every type of hardwood is prone to moisture infiltration. This vulnerability makes installation critical, and avoidance of rooms prone to humidity like bathrooms, for example, is highly recommended. Maintenance becomes a factor in preventing moisture as well, drying wet spots that crop up will increase the lifespan of the floor, and help you maximize your investment. Don’t be alarmed however, the maintenance for these floors is not excessive.

Superior Customer Service

We value our customers first and foremost, which is why our staff is friendly, knowledgeable, and highly regarded. The experts at DFW Flooring Warehouse help customers find the flooring that is right for them and their home, or another property type. Scheduling a visit from our mobile showroom allows us to come to you. From the comfort of your own home, you can sample different flooring types, and preview how they look in particular rooms or sections of your residence. There are various considerations when making a final choice, including; budget, family, and lifestyle.

Homes are not the only properties that require flooring. Office spaces are often in the market for hardwood as well, and DFW Flooring Warehouse is more than happy to accommodate these businesses. We treat each of our customer’s based on their own needs, so what might be ideal for a home, may not be for an office, and vice versa. There’s no reason to rush your decision, and previewing several options can lead to a more consensus decision. For cherry flooring installation in Pantego and Arlington, TX and the surrounding area, call 817.861.3737.