Hickory Flooring

Hickory Flooring

Hickory Flooring Can Withstand Modern Wear And Tear

Durability and resistance make hickory hardwood a top choice for business and homeowners throughout Arlington, TX and the surrounding area. These qualities have never been more important with the amount of wear and tear a floor endures in today’s fast paced environment. This is particularly true for homeowners with kids and / or pets. Residents looking for floor renovation will be especially intrigued by the hickory variety, as its light color enhances the decor of many interiors. Advantages to hickory hardwood include:

  • Durability: Known to withstand wear and tear
  • Variety: Nearly 20 different variations
  • Resistance: Less susceptible to common flooring problems like fungus, mildew and termites
  • Stability: Rated as the hardest hardwood by Janka, at 1820

Using Oak as a comparative hardwood, hickory is harder and more durable, as evidenced by its 1820 rating on the Janka Rating Scale. The stability of this flooring appeals to homeowners and businesses alike, and makes an ideal solution for modern interiors. It’s not only about practicality either, but also aesthetics and decor. The light color compliments other elements of your home or business, and potentially increases your property’s resale value. To learn more about this flooring type, or the schedule an installation in Arlington, TX, give DFW Flooring Warehouse a call atĀ 817.861.3737.

Pros and Cons of Hickory Flooring

Hardwood Flooring Home Interior

We Believe Informed Customers Make Good Decisions

As a transparent flooring company, we provide both the pros and cons of each option. We believe that an informed customer will make the best decision, and one he or she will be satisfied with for years to come. Above we detailed the various benefits of hickory hardwood flooring. And while those benefits are enough to convince many to make the investment right away, the flooring’s cons should be noted before any final decision is made. Take a look at some of the negatives below:

  • Assembly: Very difficult to assemble
  • Contrast: Property’s with many windows or lighter walls, may find the hardwood’s contrast unpleasant
  • Expansion / Contraction: Altered by humidity

The good news is that engineered hardwood flooring can solve the humidity problem that prompts the aforementioned expansion and contraction. Overall, the pros of this flooring far outweigh the cons, but as we’ve mentioned, it is better to know the facts before making an investment. After all, you’ll be living with this choice for a considerable time period, as long as installation is performed in a professional manner. To ensure that is the case, DFW Flooring Warehouse is your go-to option. We even facilitate the process with our mobile showroom that allows property owners to sample options in the comfort of their own home.

Quality Service You Can Trust

Installation is a prime consideration when choosing a flooring company. Once you have the facts, and reach a decision, executing the installation becomes the next step. We can help on both fronts. Our mobile showroom allows property owners to compare and contrast samples in the very room in which they will eventually be installed. In addition, our installation protocol is held to the highest standard, ensuring each and every one of our employees is qualified not just to perform hardwood flooring installation, but to excel at it.

The staff at DFW Flooring Warehouse is more knowledgeable than most. Best yet, we are friendly and accommodating to our both our current customers, and prospective ones. Regardless of if you are set on hickory hardwood, or if you’re interested in learning more about other options like cherry or maple, our staff will provide all the information you need to make the best decision possible moving forward. Keep in mind that our mobile showroom allows you to envision the future flooring installations inside your property, without ever stepping outside of it. To begin flooring installation in Arlington, TX or the surrounding area, callĀ 817.861.3737 today!