Maple Flooring

Maple Flooring

For Both a Durable & Domestic Option, Choose Maple

For flooring that is stylish and durable, maple hardwood is a great option for homes and offices with frequent traffic. Much like hickory, maple floors are renowned for their elite-level stability and ability to withstand the wear and tear of daily activity. Unlike other flooring material, maple is widely available, enabling the supply to match the demand, and lowering the average cost. To review, advantages of maple hardwood include:

  • Affordability: Readily available — lowering average cost
  • Color: The light color compliments mostly any room
  • Durability: Notably durable much like hickory
  • Simple Maintenance: Easy to keep clean with standard activities

Stop by our store in Arlington, TX to get a closer look at maple flooring options. Better yet, schedule our mobile showroom to come to you. That’s right, you can sample and analyze different options from the comfort of your very own home. This way, you can gauge each option in the very room in which they will be installed. The DFW Flooring Warehouse staff is both friendly and knowledgeable and will help you make an informed decision. Call 817.861.3737 for maple hardwood installation.


Additional Benefits To Maple Flooring

Maple Hardwood

Maple Works Well In High Traffic Areas

Families with pets and / or kids will find exceptional value in this flooring type. Because of its hardness and durability, maple is less susceptible to the hazards of traditional flooring. Homeowners that are hesitant to sacrifice aesthetic appeal for practicality will be thrilled with the light color of this wood and find that it compliments almost any room imaginable. For those of you partial to a darker wood, oak would be the best option. Additional benefits of maple include:

  • Engineered Options
  • Hard Surface
  • Rustic Appearance or Smooth Texture

For customers that prefer the rustic appearance, a handscraped finish is recommended. DFW Flooring Warehouse offers engineered varieties for customers concerned about the wood’s reaction to humidity during the summer months. Various types of maple exist, including sugar and hard, and the make will often determine the level of stability of the floor. DFW Flooring Warehouse will review each option with you so that you can make a great investment moving forward.


Quality Flooring Business

Trust is a prime consideration when choosing a flooring company. After all, this will be an investment to your home or building that you will be living with for a long time. DFW  Flooring Warehouse prides itself on professionalism and transparency. We aim to provide the best installation in all of Dallas – Fort Worth, TX and to be 100% honest with our customers, allowing them to make the best decision for them rather than the most expensive one. We promote variety because we understand each circumstance requires a specific solution.

The staff at DFW Flooring Warehouse is helpful and knowledgeable. We review the pros and cons of each of your flooring options so that you make the best choice for your home or business. To see our options up-close, visit our store in Arlington, TX, or have us come to you with our mobile showroom. You can sample different varieties from the comfort of your own home, and even gauge the aesthetics in the very room you are renovating. Call 817.861.3737 for maple flooring installation in Arlington, TX and the surrounding area.