Oak Flooring

Oak Flooring

Oak Floors Are Naturally Light But Can Also Be Stained

Oak is America’s #1 hardwood flooring choice. It merges affordability with durability to create the ultimate flooring solution for homeowners. DFW Flooring Warehouse offers oak hardwood flooring installation in Arlington, TX and the surrounding area. Oak, as a material, is especially useful in rooms that are frequently trafficked by residents and guests, including children and pets. Rooms where oak is most frequently installed include:

  • Bedrooms
  • Dining Rooms
  • Living Rooms

In addition to its affordability and durability, oak is also renowned for its stability — in other words; its ability to withstand humidity and variations in temperature. In the Dallas – Fort Worth area, we’ve experienced such temperature shifts recently. The staff at DFW Flooring Warehouse is both accommodating and knowledgeable, and we are ready to help you start the process of finding a new floor today. You can stop by our shop in Arlington, or have us come to you with our mobile showroom. Call 817.861.3737 for oak flooring in Arlington, TX and the surrounding area.

Things To Consider With Oak Flooring

Oak Hardwood

A Strong Finish Can Extend Its Longevity

Like maple, oak’s color is naturally light. With that said, oak holds stains considerably better than maple due to the wood’s enduring nature. For this reason, oak provides more variety to homeowners than other types of hardwood materials. The prominence of its grain makes it easily recognizable, and helps establish it as the top flooring choice for U.S. homeowners. Other things to consider are:

  • Engineering: Available in engineered versions
  • Finish: Choose between a rustic, handscraped texture, or a more traditional one
  • Stability: Withstands humidity and sudden temperature changes
  • Variation: Choose between red oak and white oak, with white oak being considered the most stable

For its part, handscraped wood adds aesthetic appeal to any room in your house. It also provides the added benefit of masking scratches and dents since they blend in naturally with its rustic look. A professional finish along with an area rug can add years of longevity to your floor, particularly in rooms with frequent traffic. DFW Flooring Warehouse is happy to walk you through each of your hardwood options before empowering you to make an informed decision.

Superior Flooring Services

Hardwood floors are a major investment for homeowners, and one they must live with for the foreseeable future. The knowledgeable staff at DFW Flooring Warehouse understands the magnitude of this decision and tries to accommodate you  in every way possible. From talking you through your options, step by step, to scheduling appointments for our mobile showroom, we try to give our customers every resource before making a final decision.

So what’s the deal with our mobile showroom? It’s simple, we bring our showroom to you. This way, you can review your options from the comfort of your own home, and compare and contrast them in the very rooms in which they will be installed. Our company principles are accommodation and transparency, always putting the customer first and fostering decisions you will be happy with for years to come. We serve Arlington, TX and the surrounding area, including Dallas – Fort Worth. Give us a call at 817.861.3737 to get started.