Laminate Flooring

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DFW Flooring Warehouse Has Extensive Laminate Flooring Samples Available For Viewing At Our Pantego, TX Showroom And Our Mobile Showroom!

If you are in love with the look of certain tile but aren’t in love with the price tag, laminate flooring may be a good alternative for you.

No longer is laminate a cheap-looking flooring option — it is becoming much harder to tell the difference between laminate and actual tile or wood! While we still offer glue methods of laminate installation, we also have more advanced beveled edge laminate. This involves putting together individual planks or tiles of laminate with a simple tongue-in-groove method that mimics other, more expensive types of flooring.

DFW Flooring Warehouse has a wide selection of flooring in the DFW area. Whatever your Pantego and Arlington, TX laminate flooring needs, we can help you meet them! Stop by our showroom to view our extensive collection of laminate styles, or call 817.861.3737 now to schedule a visit from our mobile showroom! This is an excellent way to see all the different types of flooring we have to offer while staying in the comfort of your home.

Types of Flooring Laminate Mimics

  • Wood — Laminate planks can resemble several different hardwood species with different colors, grains and textures.
  • Marble — Marble is usually a particularly expensive flooring choice, but with laminate, you get a real-looking marble like floor that is also easier to clean than marble and much cheaper!
  • Tile — The color and texture choices are endless when it comes to laminate tile.

Why Choose Laminate Flooring?

A major pro with laminate is it is much less costly than actual hardwood or tile. You’re able to customize your floors much more with wide planks or handscraped texture with the money you save by going the laminate route. We are happy to offer an extensive laminate flooring selection in Pantego and Arlington, TX. Give DFW Flooring Warehouse a call today at 817.861.3737 to speak to one of our flooring experts about your laminate flooring needs, including:

  • Beveled Edge Laminate: Assembled with individual pieces, this type of laminate flooring looks more like real tile or wood for a more affordable imitation.
  • Wide Plank Laminate: More affordable and less maintenance than wide plank hardwood, wide plank laminate offers a unique style for your home or office.

laminate wood flooring

Easy To Install And Maintain, Laminate Flooring Gives Homeowners Quality Floor And No Stress.

Beveled edge laminate, used with both tile-like and wood-like laminate, can give your floor the appearance of being a different material since it comes in individual tiles or planks. This creates those natural gaps between tiles or planks that occur with the actual material.

While wood and different types of tile require cleaning with dust mops and other supplies, laminate is an easy type of flooring to clean. A wet mop and broom will work just fine! No special supplies needed. The grout on tile floors needs to be sealed to keep dirt from getting stuck in the grout, but with laminate, you won’t have to worry about this added maintenance.

Helpful Service

Our knowledgeable staff at DFW Flooring Warehouse is here to help you through the flooring decision process, weighing the options along with your budget, lifestyle and tastes.

Call us today at 817.861.3737 for your Pantego and Arlington, TX laminate flooring installation!