Beveled Edge Laminate Flooring

beveled edge laminate flooring

Get The Hardwood Look You Want And Easy Installation With Beveled Edge Laminate Flooring.

With all the advances in laminate flooring, it is getting harder and harder to tell the
difference between laminate flooring and real hardwood and tile.
If you are open to laminate as an alternative to stone tiles or wood flooring, then we have good news. Beveled edge laminate provides a more authentic look to your flooring with edges that look more like actual wood or stone, rather than looking like one uniform sheet of flooring.

DFW Flooring Warehouse has a wide variety of laminate to choose from that mimics different types of wood and tile. Call us today at 817.861.3737 for more information on Pantego and Arlington, TX beveled edge laminate flooring!

How Beveled Edge Laminate Works

This type of flooring, like tile and hardwood, comes in individual slabs or planks rather than a uniform sheet. Much like puzzle pieces, each tile or laminate plank has a groove to fit other planks and tiles perfectly in place during installation. The end result is a slight separation in-between to help them look more authentic. Since this type of laminate comes in individual planks, it helps the flooring to look more like actual wood or tile.

We provide several colors and styles of beveled edge laminate to the DFW area! If you’re trying to mimic a specific species of wood or type of tile, chances are we have a laminate for you.

To further customize your hardwood-like flooring, you can opt for wide plank laminate, which tends to look more like real wood and give the room a more rustic look.

Quality Services

Our friendly and helpful staff can’t be beaten in their customer service! They help homeowners come up with the right type of flooring for their home or office based on their budget and style. Not only that, we can also install your flooring for you, so the most work you have to do is the decision-making!

For more information on Pantego and Arlington, TX beveled edge laminate flooring or to schedule a visit from our mobile showroom with samples of this type of flooring, call us now at 817.861.3737.