Wide Plank Laminate

Laminate flooring is not what it used to be — it now closely resembles hardwood floors since it comes in beveled edge styles. It is becoming harder to tell the difference between laminate and hardwood. You can customize your floor even more with wide plank laminate styles.

DFW Flooring Warehouse is here to help you find the right flooring for your budget! Since laminate is a budget-friendly alternative to hardwood flooring, we often recommend it to our customers. It comes in many different colors and styles that mimic different species of wood. They look just as nice as hardwood without that hardwood price tag. Call us now at 817.861.3737 for your Pantego and Arlington, TX wide plank laminate installation!

Why Wide Plank Laminate?

Wide Plank Laminate

Wide Plank Laminate Has More Prominent Grain And Comes In A Variety Of Different Wood Styles.

More and more people are leaning toward a more natural, rustic look in their hardwood floors. Wide planks of wood show off grains better and help a room achieve this style. It also looks great in more modernly styled rooms. With this in mind, we are happy to offer wide plank laminate options to our customers!

“Wide” planks are considered to be 5 inches or more in width, and this width can increase to nearly a foot! Whatever size you desire, we offer it in a variety of colors that look like several types of wood, from hickory to walnut and more!

You can use wide planks uniformly or you can vary the plank size randomly to really show off the colors and grain in the laminate and create a more natural look. Whatever your vision, we want to help you make it come true with our Dallas, TX wide plank laminate installation!

Service You Can See

Our staff is dedicated to helping you pick the right flooring for your home. Our showroom features many different styles of laminate. However, we know how hard it is to decide on a flooring style with all the different available options. That is why we have our mobile showrooms, which bring hundreds of flooring samples straight to your home. This way, you can see the samples in the actual room you are looking to renovate.

For quality Pantego and Arlington, TX wide plank laminate, look no further than DFW Flooring Warehouse — call us now at 817.861.3737!