Frieze Carpet

Large Carpet Selection In Pantego and Arlington, TX!

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Frieze Carpet Provides A Stain Obscuring, Clean Look For High Traffic Environments.

Frieze carpet provides more cushion for the feet than Berber while still holding
up to wear and tear in high-traffic areas of the home. If you aren’t in love with the look of Berber but still want a carpet with durability that will last years, consider frieze carpet as your answer.

DFW Flooring Warehouse offers quality Pantego and Arlington, TX frieze carpet installation and selection. We serve the entire Dallas-Fort Worth area with our incredible deals on several flooring styles. Call us now at 817.861.3737 with any questions or come by our showroom in Pantego, TX today!

If you don’t want to get out of the house or you want to be able to see flooring samples in the room you plan on installing new floors, we have the answer in the form of our mobile showroom! We can come to you with an incredible flooring selection so the most you have to do is open your door to the plethora of flooring options we have available at DFW Flooring Warehouse.

Benefits of Frieze Carpet

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Our Carpets Come In A Range Of Color And Textures To Match Your Style And Needs.

Frieze carpet is often considered to be an evolved version of shag carpets. Luckily, they have a much more updated look with the added comfort that shag carpets would provide. They typically have long fibers that are twisted (which is why you may see them referred to as twist carpets).

Not only is Frieze carpet a durable and comfortable option, but it is also fantastic at hiding dirt and footprints. This means less upkeep for your busy lifestyle! One drawback is that it can be harder to clean due to the twisted nature of the fibers, but luckily, we offer many stain-resistant carpet options to remedy this before it ever becomes a problem.

Frieze carpet can come in many different colors and is a fantastic flooring choice for living rooms and bedrooms due to its durability! Want to get started on your frieze carpet installation? Give us a call today at 817.861.3737!

Quality Selection With Quality Support

DFW Flooring Warehouse wants to help you come up with the right carpet flooring solution for your home! Our friendly, knowledgeable staff is here for you every step of the way to help you compare and contrast different flooring choices and decide on the right one for your family and lifestyle. We don’t just help you find the perfect Pantego and Arlington, TX frieze carpet for your home. We can also install your frieze carpet for you! Call 817.861.3737 now or stop by our showroom to view all the carpeting choices we have to offer. And don’t forget, our mobile showroom is available to stop by your home!