Ceramic Wood Tile Flooring

ceramic wood tile flooring

Ceramic Wood Look Tile Flooring Can Be Used In Bathrooms To Achieve A Wood Look Without The Wood Maintenance.

If you like the look of hardwood but want a heavy-duty flooring that can withstand temperature changes, humidity and water, we have a solution for you. Ceramic wood tile flooring is a tile option that resembles wood. It can be used throughout your home, even in bathrooms and kitchens, unlike hardwood floors.

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Ceramic Wood Tile Flooring vs. Hardwood Flooring

Wood look ceramic flooring combines the convenient aspects of tile flooring with the aesthetic appeal of wood look floors. If you are weighing the costs and benefits of hardwood and wood tile, check out a few of our comparisons:

  • Cleaning — Homeowners don’t need to be nearly as careful with ceramic wood flooring as with hardwood. You can sweep and mop ceramic wood look tile flooring with ease, even using water to clean the floors.
  • Durability — Wood look ceramic tile flooring is much more durable and lasts much longer than hardwood as well, especially in areas prone to humidity. For homes with children and pets (who normally would have to be careful on hardwood floors) ceramic wood tile flooring can withstand the heavy-duty traffic and wear they involve.
  • Look — Maybe nothing beats hardwood, but with all the lookalikes out there, it’s getting harder to tell the difference. Ceramic wood flooring doesn’t come in just one look. Instead, it can take on a smooth, shiny finish or a more rustic hand-scraped texture. It can also mimic different species of hardwood, both in grain and color. The only sign that it is not true hardwood lies in the grout between the tiles. With certain styles of installation, experts can make this as inconspicuous as possible to bring you wood look floors at a ceramic price.

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