Glass Tile Flooring

Glass Tile Flooring

Give Your Home A Luxury Feel With Gorgeous Glass Tile Flooring.

For a high-end look that can bring value to your home and reflect your personal style, glass tile is a perfect choice. It can make a bathroom look like a spa and other rooms look truly unique. You can go for uniformity with one solid color and shape or mix it up with a custom look. Plus, glass tile flooring offers something for every taste. If eco-friendliness is your goal, for example, there are recycled glass tiles to choose from.

DFW Flooring Warehouse has a great selection of tile flooring in the DFW area. Our friendly staff can help you find the right glass tile flooring to meet your needs. Call us today at 817.861.3737.

Glass tile is a bold stylistic flooring choice with a lot of benefits. However, with it comes many important considerations to keep in mind for your Pantego and Arlington, TX glass tile flooring installation.

Considerations for Glass Tile Flooring

  • Glass tile typically costs more both to buy and install than traditional ceramic or porcelain tiles.
  • Be sure to hire a professional for installation. Glass tile installation takes a lot of time and concentration. You don’t want to be able to see the glue through the glass after it is installed. Our professionals at DFW Flooring Warehouse are skilled at glass tile installation.
  • Glass is a surface that can be easily scratched through wear and tear. If you are worried about scratching, you may feel more comfortable going with a different flooring choice.
  • Due to the clear nature of glass, dust shows up more prominently on this flooring material than others. You will need to dedicate time to frequently clean your glass tile floor if you do not want it to appear dirty.

Prime Customer Service

At DFW Flooring Warehouse, we want our customers to be fully informed of all the flooring choices that exist and provide them with the most helpful advice and services we possibly can. Although it takes a lot of work, glass tile flooring installations has a lot of great benefits!

To see our glass tile flooring samples for your Pantego and Arlington, TX home, stop by our showroom or call 817.861.3737 today to schedule a visit from one of our mobile showrooms!