Slate Flooring

Slate is a versatile tile flooring choice that works in areas throughout the home, including bathrooms, living areas and more! It even has outdoor uses, as does porcelain. Slate flooring
also withstands a lot of traffic, which is why it is recommended for kitchens, hallways and anywhere in your home that sees a lot of wear.

slate flooring

Non-Porous Slate Flooring Provides Your Home With A Slip Proof, Stain Proof Flooring Option.

While you may think of the classic charcoal gray stone when slate comes to mind, it in fact comes in a range of colors that also includes blue, red, orange and black tones.

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Why Choose Slate Flooring?

One unique aspect of slate as a flooring material is it is soft enough to cut and create your own custom designs for a personal touch. You can mix different tile sizes and colors to create a floor pattern all your own!

Another reason to choose slate floors is it retains heat better than other tile floors, which makes it a better flooring choice if your home gets cold during those DFW winters! It can be a better choice for bathrooms for this reason.

One drawback for slate, relating to its softness, is that it is not quite as durable without a good seal over it. You will need to periodically maintain this seal to make cleaning easier and preserve its durability.

As long as you take good care of slate floors, they can last for many years as a reliable flooring material.

Services That Can’t Be Beat

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