Travertine Flooring

Travertine tile is a natural flooring material that has a look similar to marble. Though like marble, travertine flooring can be high-maintenance, it is a beautiful material that will bring your home a natural look. Not to mention it will truly last ages, as this is the same type of stone the over 250-year-old Trevi Fountain is made of!

travertine flooring samples

Travertine Flooring Is A Green Flooring System And Comes In A Variety Of Colors.

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What To Consider About Travertine Flooring

Travertine is becoming a more popular flooring style due to its resemblance to marble. It can come in shiny and natural finishes, giving homeowners a range of textures to choose from.

It is a durable flooring material due to its hardness. However, like marble, it is also very porous. Water, acidic substances and more can be absorbed into the stone and cause unsightly stains and etching. For this reason, travertine may not be the right flooring choice for homes with children and pets who may accidentally spill liquids on the floors.

A benefit of travertine over marble and porcelain tile is its relative ease of replacement. If a tile is accidentally stained, it is much easier to find a matching travertine tile than it would be to find a matching porcelain or marble tile.

Sealing travertine floors can help protect its surface from accidental stains. Homeowners should also take care while cleaning travertine floors.

While travertine requires maintenance, many homeowners feel its durability and beauty are worth the extra work.

Excellent Selection

DFW Flooring Warehouse provides a wide selection of flooring materials in the area. Don’t forget, we offer a mobile showroom service so we can bring a multitude of flooring samples for you to consider in the comfort of your home. Call 817.861.3737 now for your Pantego and Arlington, TX travertine flooring installation!