Vinyl Flooring

vinyl flooring

Durable Vinyl Has A Great Look, Easy Maintenance, And A Long Lifespan.

If you want a durable, lasting and affordable flooring style, look no further than vinyl flooring. For some homeowners, the mere word symbolizes a flooring choice of the past, but forget everything about vinyl as you know it. Styles, colors, and textures of vinyl have improved considerably over the years. Many styles even mimic the look of hardwood or tile floors at a much more affordable price. 

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What We Offer

  • Linoleum: Made of renewable materials, linoleum is a bit more costly but far more durable and wear-resistant material compared to vinyl. T
  • Sheet Vinyl: Cost-effective and low-maintenance, sheet vinyl is fairly durable and available in many colors, patterns, and textures. B

Advantages of Vinyl

Choosing a flooring material is tough with the wide selection we have available at DFW Flooring Warehouse. Below are a few pros of Pantego and Arlington, TX vinyl flooring.

  • Durability — Vinyl is a fantastic flooring choice for busy families with pets who may be hard on their floors. It’s especially durable in high-traffic areas compared to carpet and hardwood floors. Another plus, specifically when compared to hardwood, is vinyl’s ability to withstand water, which makes it a great flooring choice for kitchens, entryways, mudrooms and bathrooms.
  • Lifespan — Vinyl flooring is often warrantied at more than 10 years, but with proper care, it can last decades.
  • Comfort — Compared to tile and hardwood, vinyl is a much softer flooring choice since it offers a little cushion under your feet.
  • Choices — Vinyl comes in individual tile and full sheet varieties, including linoleum. When you pair this with all the colors, styles and textures, it becomes a real contender. It can look like tile or wood at a fraction of the cost, saving you a significant amount of money.
  • Maintenance — Mops, brooms, and cleaning supplies: If you can name it, you can probably use it on vinyl floors. This is where this floor’s resistance to water is crucial. You don’t have to worry about

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Quality Selection and Installation Services

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The staff at DFW Flooring Warehouse is happy to go over all your vinyl flooring options with you. We want you, your family and your budget to be happy with your flooring choice, which is why we help you make informed decisions for your renovation. Our showroom is full of samples, with a wide selection in the DFW area.

If you can’t make it out, it’s no problem! Contact us to schedule a visit from our mobile showroom! You can look through samples in the comfort of your home in the room you plan on flooring to see how each one matches your home’s look. If you are ready to install vinyl flooring in your home, give us a call at 817.861.3737!