Engineered Hardwood Flooring


If You Want Flooring That Will Do Well With Humidity, Consider Engineered Hardwood Flooring.

Hardwood flooring is known to expand and contract with humidity and temperature changes. In Arlington, TX and the surrounding area, where we see lots of rain and have also been known to have dry spells, engineered hardwood is a good flooring choice for areas with humidity changes. Engineered hardwood flooring is a solution to the challenge humidity poses.

DFW Flooring Warehouse offers several types of engineered hardwood flooring in different colors to give you plenty of choices for your new home. Our professional staff will work with you to come up with the right flooring choice for your budget and lifestyle.

We can even bring our flooring selection to you with our mobile showroom. This way, you can compare different flooring types from the comfort of your home or office in the space you plan on remodeling. Have any questions about engineered hardwood flooring in Arlington, TX? Call us now with questions or to schedule a visit at 817.345.6321!

What is the Difference Between Engineered Hardwood Flooring and Traditional Hardwood?

engineered hardwood flooring

With So Many Color And Texture Choices, You Are Guaranteed To Find Engineered Hardwood Flooring That Fits Your Needs.

Engineered hardwood is comprised of three to five layers of wood compressed together using heat and pressure. It exists so people in humid climates can still enjoy all the benefits of hardwood without it deteriorating over time due to the humidity in their area.

It comes in three types for different building levels, the reason being that humidity in a building varies depending on the level of each floor. Below grade is for basements or sunken rooms. On grade is for ground-level rooms. Above grade is for second-floor or higher rooms. These levels and the engineering of the wood prevent the expansion and contraction that hardwood normally sees in humid areas.

Unlike traditional hardwood, engineered hardwood can also be installed over concrete, which is a relief for hardwood-loving homeowners with concrete floors who are looking to renovate!

An added plus, engineered hardwood can be given a handscraped finish if you want your floors to look like they have been around for a long time. This basically changes the texture of the wood and makes damage to your floors less noticeable. Want to get started on your engineered hardwood flooring? Call 817.345.6321 today to speak with our expert flooring representatives about engineered hardwood flooring!

Top-Notch Customer Service

With all the different color, texture and style choices that Arlington, TX engineered hardwood flooring comes in, the choice can be quite overwhelming to make. Don’t hesitate to stop by our showroom to view them, or call us at 817.345.6321 to schedule a visit from our mobile showroom! Our friendly staff would be happy to advise you on the perfect flooring choice for your climate.