Oak Flooring

oak flooring

Strong Oak Flooring Comes In A Plethora Of Color Options To Match Your Home And Needs.

The most commonly used hardwood in the United States is oak flooring because of its relative affordability and its durability. It is a great choice for high-traffic areas such as living rooms, bedrooms, dining rooms, and more!

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Things To Consider With Oak Flooring

Similar to maple, oak is a hardwood option that is naturally light in color. However, unlike maple, it holds darker wood stains better due to its porous (yet enduring) nature. Due to this, your color options with oak flooring are more varied than for other types of hardwood. This type of wood has a prominent and recognizable grain.

Oak comes in engineered varieties meant to withstand humidity, so regardless of your location, there is a variety of oak flooring that can be installed. The good news is that white oak is considered the most stable hardwood on the market, meaning it is least likely to change its size with humidity.

It also comes in different finishes, whether you want a rustic-looking handscraped texture that makes the wood look older or a smoother, more traditional finish. Handscraped hardwood looks great in every type of home, and has the added benefit of hiding scratches and dents since it’s already made to look somewhat imperfect.

If you’re worried about scratching your oak floors, a good finish goes a long way. So does an area rug in high-traffic areas. These two things will keep your floor in good shape for years to come!

Superior Flooring Services

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