Maple Flooring

Similar to hickory, maple flooring is a light-colored and hardy choice for homes and offices that get a lot of foot traffic.

maple flooring

If You Are Looking For A Durable And Domestic Flooring Option, Maple Flooring Is The One For You.

DFW Flooring Warehouse has a wide selection of hardwood flooring available! We even offer a mobile showroom for convenient viewing from the comfort of your home. If you are interested in Arlington, TX maple flooring installation or a visit from our mobile showroom, call us now at 817.345.6321!

Why Choose Maple Flooring?

Maple is known for its hardness and durability, which is great news for families with pets and kids that would normally be inadvertent hazards to fragile types of hardwood floors.

It is such a hard type of wood that it does not absorb substances very easily. Although this is great from a durability standpoint, if you are looking for a light wood that you can stain a darker color, maple may not be the choice for you. Instead, you may want to go with a darker variety of wood or one that takes stains easier, like oak.

Maple can come in either a smooth texture or a handscraped finish, which will give it more of a rustic look and bring out the natural texture in the wood. We also offer engineered varieties of maple to accommodate homes in humid climates.

Like all hardwood flooring, maple is mostly easy to maintain with little more than dust mopping as needed for any dirt on the surface of your floor.

The specific species of maple used to make your flooring is important as it relates to its durability, since some will tend to be harder than others, like Sugar Maple and Hard Maple. Check with your representative to make sure you’re getting the flooring type that fits your needs.

Quality Flooring Business

Our helpful staff at DFW Flooring Warehouse will help you weigh the pros and cons of different flooring options so you can make an informed choice. We want you to be happy with your Arlington, TX maple flooring installation, which is why we offer services like our mobile showroom. Call us today at 817.345.6321 for more information about maple flooring!