Hickory Flooring

hickory flooring

Hickory Flooring Can Withstand Excessive Wear And Tear, Lasting Homeowners A Lifetime.

With its light color and durability that helps it stand the test of time, hickory flooring is an excellent option for people looking to renovate their floors.

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Benefits and Drawbacks of Hickory Flooring

As noted above, the durability of hickory compared to some other hardwoods cannot be overstated. It can be used in high traffic areas of your home or business since it is strong and rigid, which makes for a reliable flooring choice.

As with other wood floors, hickory flooring requires little maintenance beyond dust mopping as needed to keep dust from accumulating on its surface. Be sure to keep water off the surface of hickory floors to keep them from warping.

Something unique about hickory flooring is its knots and imperfections, which makes it a fantastic candidate for a handscaped finish (although it will look just as nice with a traditional smooth finish). Some people are turned off by this texture, so make sure you look at samples to make sure you’ll be happy with it in your home.

Common trouble with most hardwood floors is they tend to expand and contract with humidity’s fluctuations, which is why it is not often you see hardwood floors in extremely humid areas. The good news is that engineered hardwood flooring exists, which solves this problem with processed wood that does not respond to humidity.

Quality Service You Can Trust

The knowledgeable staff at DFW Flooring Warehouse is here to help you make the right choice for your family, budget and lifestyle. Whether you’re looking for hickory or perhaps another variety of hardwood such as cherry or maple, chances are we have what you seek. And don’t forget, our mobile showroom service is available if you want to peruse flooring samples without stepping out of the house! If you are ready to begin your Arlington, TX hickory flooring installation, call us now at 817.345.6321 for our expert flooring services!