Frieze Carpet: What Is It?

Frieze carpeting is great for high traffic areas of your home.

Frieze carpet pros and cons

When you are thinking about carpeting for your home, you may want to consider frieze carpeting, especially for high traffic areas like hallways, family rooms and bedrooms.

What is frieze carpeting, exactly? While it may look like shag carpet from the ’70s, frieze carpeting is a much more durable and comfortable type of carpeting. With frieze carpeting, you get thin, tightly twisted fibers, which helps it hold up to foot traffic and general wear. It hides footprints—and dirt—well and comes in a variety of colors to fit any home.

To help you decide if frieze carpet is right for your household, here is a list of pros and cons.

Frieze carpet pros and cons:


  • Durability: The high twists make it less susceptible to fraying caused by foot traffic.
  • Unique design: The tall fibers give frieze carpets a fun look, perfect for informal family areas.
  • Rarely sheds: Some carpets are prone to shedding when first installed, but frieze carpets rarely shed.
  • Seams easy to hide: When carpeting large areas, the seams of frieze carpeting can be hidden well.
  • Hides footprints: Footprints and even small spills will be concealed.


  • Informal look: While the fun look may be perfect for family rooms or bedrooms, frieze carpeting is often considered too informal for formal or luxurious living spaces.
  • Requires special care: The high fibers makes it hard to clean and it can cause vacuums to snag.

When you are considering frieze carpeting for your home in Pantego and Arlington, TX, DFW Flooring Warehouse offers a wide selection of carpeting, as well as installation services.

Frieze carpeting can be ideal for any interior remodeling projects.

How much does frieze carpet cost?

Prices will vary for frieze carpets. In general, however, you can expect to pay anywhere from $2 to about $3.50 per square foot. Costs will depend on installation as well as the type of frieze carpet installed. Polyester carpets tend to cost a little less than nylon carpets. When you come to DFW Flooring Warehouse, we offer the best pricing for frieze carpets in the area.

Does frieze carpet wear well?

Frieze carpet does wear well. The high twist design of the fibers causes the fiber to curl, so most foot traffic hits the side of the fiber rather than the top. This helps keep the frieze carpet from fraying. It’s also less likely to shed when first installed.

Does frieze carpet show footprints?

No, frieze carpet does not show footprints or lines from vacuuming. This is one of the appeal of frieze carpets, especially for high traffic areas.

Take care when vacuuming frieze carpet and turn off the beater bar or brush.

What is the best vacuum for frieze carpet?

The high fibers of a frieze carpet can cause some vacuums to snag or shred the fibers. To prevent any snagging or other problems when cleaning frieze carpet, a good vacuum to use is one with a rotating beater bar/brush you can turn off, which prevents shredding. Some good vacuums to consider are Hoover Windtunnel and the Dyson DC33 Multifloor vacuum.

Is frieze carpet soft?

Yes, frieze carpet is soft. People like walking on frieze carpet because it is soft. It also hides footprints.

Frieze carpet vs. plush

Both frieze carpet and plush carpet have advantages and disadvantages. Both types of carpets are very soft. Frieze carpets are often preferred for areas with high foot traffic like bedrooms, family rooms and hallways. But frieze carpeting is considered informal or casual in style, whereas plush carpeting is much more elegant or formal. You may think of velvet as plush,but there are other plush styles. While more formal, plush carpets also tend to show off footprints and vacuum lines. Frieze carpets hide these really well. Seams also remain well hidden when these carpets are installed. Frieze carpets can be hard to clean.

Frieze carpet and pets

Frieze carpet is actually one of the better carpets for pets. When pets scratch and claw the carpet, frieze carpet is the least likely to unravel or get damaged. Other types of carpet like Berber can be seriously damaged when pets scratch it. Frieze conceals stains well, too. Frieze carpets made from nylon fiber are usually a better option when you have pets.

How to clean frieze carpet

While frieze carpet may be considered hard to clean, it’s not impossible. As mentioned above, a good vacuum that allows you to turn off the rotating beater bar or brush will help prevent shredding. Placing your vacuum on a high setting will help as well. Because the fibers in frieze carpeting tend to hold water, it’s important to dry them quickly. When shampooing the carpet, make sure to put the cleaner on high suction to remove the water. Any spills need to be soaked up quickly and should be blotted rather than rubbed.

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