Is linoleum flooring easy to install?

linoleum flooring

What is linoleum flooring made of?

While wood flooring is all the rage for homeowners, there are some that prefer linoleum flooring. The quality of linoleum flooring has improved greatly over the years, and the array of colors and patterns are almost endless. When you pair that with the ease of caring for linoleum flooring, you can almost understand why it has gained popularity. 

Real linoleum flooring is made of all-natural materials, including: 

  • Ground limestone
  • Jute
  • Linseed oil
  • Pigments
  • Powdered cork
  • Rosins
  • Wood flour

So, is linoleum flooring eco friendly?

Of all the flooring options on the market today, real linoleum is greenest, eco-friendly flooring options you can choose. It has been reported that the remnants and scraps from production of linoleum and old linoleum removed from flooring are recycled into new sheets of linoleum flooring. 

When you combine the recyclability of linoleum flooring and that it made with all natural materials, linoleum flooring is almost carbon neutral. When linoleum has reached its end of life, it is incinerated, creating energy instead of filling landfills and using energy.  The energy created by incinerating it is almost the same as needed to manufacture. 

What goes under linoleum flooring?

Vinyl is an affordable flooring options that makes for easy DIY installation. Preparation is needed for the linoleum flooring installation to be a success. Follow these steps to prepare the existing flooring for your linoleum flooring: 

  • Make sure the existing surface is clean, flat, and smooth, removing all old flooring materials.  This is essential when installing linoleum flooring because it is thin and will show every bump, defect, and flaw. 
  • Once you have the surface completely clean, lay the linoleum flooring tiles in the desired pattern. Even linoleum flooring that is all one color and pattern, this gives you the opportunity to make any alignment issues needed. Allow a quarter inch gap for expansion around the perimeter, marking with chalk lines. 
  • Return to the starting point and remove the linoleum flooring tiles. Now spread a thin, uniform layer of the adhesive with a notched trowel over the subfloor.
  • Now, place the linoleum flooring tiles in the glued area and press down firmly.
  • Wipe excess glue off immediately before it dries and hardens. 
  • With a heavy floor roller, go over the flooring you just laid to confirm it is in place, flat and level. 

Is linoleum flooring waterproof?

If you’re considering installing linoleum flooring, bathrooms may not be the place to install it. Linoleum flooring is water-resistant, not waterproof, and excess moisture will damage a linoleum flooring, even a minor, short-lived flooding. With this in mind, it is recommended that linoleum flooring cannot be used for bathrooms that are used on a daily basis or where there are young children in the home.

Can you polish linoleum flooring?

A routine of regular waxing will maintain your shiny linoleum flooring if you use the right product. When you’re going to re-wax your linoleum flooring, a liquid acrylic floor wax is best. A paste wax won’t have the same shine. Then go over it with a lambswool buffing disk on a floor buffer for 30 minutes.

Can linoleum look like wood?

Yes, linoleum flooring comes in sheets by the roll and with tile designs. The designs come in quiet neutrals, vibrant hues, and anything in between that the mind can imagine. Linoleum flooring with the appearance of wood is the durable and highly attractive with great aesthetic value. 

linoleum flooring

What are linoleum flooring benefits?

With the inception linoleum flooring in 1860, it been a popular choice in homes, with a brief slow-down until recently. Today, today’s homeowners have learned the amazing benefits this ‘old school’ flooring offers:

1. Durability

Most of the linoleum flooring on the market today offers a 20-year warranty, but with proper care and upkeep, most homes will enjoy this flooring for 40 years.

2. Affordable

Linoleum flooring is made from natural materials that are renewable, makes it the less expensive option compared to other flooring materials.  

3. Versatile

Linoleum flooring is available in a wide range of colors and patterns, making it a wonderful product not just for floors, but on walls too. 

4. Eco-friendly

You won’t be only person surprised that linoleum flooring is environmentally friendly. Made with natural renewable materials like cork dust, linseed oil, mineral pigments, tree resins, and wood flour, all biodegradables.

5. Repair

Because the color s used in linoleum flooring in in every layer, any cuts, scratches, or other minor damage can be buffed out, then resealed, with nobody noticing. 

6. Anti-bacterial

For a home with young children, you can feel safe that linoleum flooring is anti-bacterial. 

7. Maintenance

There is no maintenance with linoleum flooring requires other than standard sweeping and mopping.

8. Quiet

Linoleum flooring is a soft flooring compared to others.  

Many still picture the checkered flooring in old diners and outdated kitchens. Now in the 21st century, linoleum has kept up with the times. In fact, put linoleum flooring in a lineup with other flooring material, you’d be challenged to single it out.  Call 817.861.3737 today for your linoleum flooring installation in Pantego and Arlington, TX.