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What Is the Best Tile That Looks Like Wood?

Living Room With Wood Tile, Chair, Purse, Books By Glass Window to the Sea

Learn More About Wood Tiles

The flooring of your property can add an element that is both aesthetically pleasing while brightening up the rooms of your home or business. They can add a touch of class with porcelain options or more rustic elements with ceramic wood tile. The range of styles and themes can alter according to your preferences, yet no matter your choice you are sure to increase the value of your property! There are many ceramic wood tile pros and cons that can assist you in your decision. When you’re curious about tile floor installation be sure to get in touch with your local flooring professionals for quality results!

Is wood look tile cheaper than hardwood?

Yes, wood look tiles like a ceramic wood tile will be cheaper in value than hardwood as tile is less expensive to produce which means you’ll be able to buy larger tile planks for the same price of smaller formats. What’s more, replicated wood types won’t differ too much in price whereas with hardwood you’d have prices range according to species.

Is it cheaper to tile or hardwood?

Based on average prices it’ll be cheaper to tile rather than hardwood.

How much does ceramic tile that looks like wood cost? 

Ceramic wood tile cost will differ in accordance with type, durability, and quality. A higher-quality ceramic tile can range from $3-$8 per square foot.

Is wood tile expensive?

The cost of wood tile is not as expensive as other types of types such as porcelain which can cost $6-$12 per square foot.

What is ceramic wood tile?

Ceramic wood tile is a type of tile composition made of clays that are able to mimic and imitate the look of various wood grains. They can be used as floor tiles or wall tiles and there are different quality recommendations to be used in both categories. Although ceramic wood tile can be used outside they aren’t recommended to be used there due to their higher absorption rates.

Is wood look tile durable?

Wood look tiles are actually more durable than engineered hardwood in that they will hold up better to everyday wear with maintenance only every few years. With hardwood you would have to refinish it every so often or you risk it looking worn in a couple of months. 

Is ceramic wood tile good?

Ceramic wood tile is a great option to consider for your flooring if you’d like to imitate materials without the high price. It’s recommended if you’re looking for ceramic wood tile for your floors to look for a rating of 3 or higher. As for your walls, a ceramic wood tile with a rating or 1 or 2 is better suited. For any outside tiles or for areas of higher wetness a porcelain ceramic tile is a better option as it is better at repelling water. What’s more if your interested in fence installation that’s a whole nother ballpark onto itself.

Modern White Bathroom With Wood Tile Floor

Ceramic Wood Tile Pros and Cons


  • Durable
  • Cheaper
  • Come In Long Tiles
  • Easy Maintenance/Cleaning
  • Can Last 20 Years
  • Various Grains, Colors, Design
  • Avoids Allergens (Dust, Pollen)
  • No Noise Echo
  • Can Handle Heavy Weights


  • Not As Slip Resistant
  • Absorbs Water
  • Can’t Be Used Outside

Ceramic Wood Tile vs Hardwood

Ceramic wood tile will come in long rectangular cuts that look like wood planks. With ceramic wood tile, you’ll have more variety of design and colors while hardwood is natural wood and therefore come in varying shades of brown. Ceramic wood tile is expected to last a bit longer than hardwood and can last up to 20 years, with hardwood that too can last for years but will require more maintenance by being sanded and refinished periodically. Maintenance with ceramic wood tile would be easier in that it would only require a polish every few years. Cleaning products are also more numerous when it comes to ceramic wood tile and can be cleaned with most surface cleaning products. With hardwood, it’s recommended to vacuum frequently and regularly remove in order to avoid damaging grit. As far as slip resistance hardwood is better in that category with anti-slip ratings! While the ceramic wood tile does come with slip-resistance grading it is more slippery and especially so when wet. With noise, hardwood is louder when walking or something being dropped while the ceramic wood tile is more condensed, not allowing noise to echo off of them. Both hold up well with heavier weights and hardwood is actually suited for heavier or industrial weight. Finally, hardwood expands and contracts with the weather and doesn’t retain heat so it shouldn’t be exposed to rain or snow for long periods of time. Ceramic wood tile, however, can hold up well to most weather conditions.

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