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Beautiful Hardwood Floor Design

Most homeowners appreciate the value and beauty of hardwood floors, especially as a welcomed break after the decades during which carpet reigned supreme. (And we’re not talking about the durable, handsome carpet options that homeowners can choose from today. Green shag, anyone?) Hardwoods are easy to clean, durable, and reduce allergens in your interior air. Homeowners may also note that when homes are listed for sale, hardwood flooring (especially throughout) can be a huge selling point to buyers in the DFW area.Hardwood Floor Design

Assuming you adore hardwoods as much as we do, you are no doubt enjoying all the beautiful trends emerging in hardwood floor design!

While the classic linear installation of hardwood panels will truly never go out of style for interior design, the creative shapes and visuals that can be accomplished with this hearty material result in a finished product that can quickly become the focal point of the entire home.

Looking through design magazines, blogs, or even flipping through home improvement channels on TV, we see images of gorgeous interiors with hardwoods in patterns such as herringbone, chevron, Greek key, and more.

The flooring doesn’t simply disappear beneath plush furnishings and great appliances, but it becomes part of the overall aesthetic itself. 

Another innovate look is to mix beautiful hardwood materials with inlays cut from tile, such as rustic travertine or the always-elegant marble. Talk about creating a one-of-a-kind look that will leave your guests in awe!

Time for an Upgrade

Are you considering reflooring? Have you been looking at the main level of your home and thinking it could use a design upgrade?

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