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Don’t trust just anyone with floors

Hardwood job leads to hard lesson

Photo of wood floor samplesLet this serve as a cautionary tale: Some projects are best left to certified professionals.

In a recent story on out of Cleveland, Lisa Kearney said she hired a local contractor to restore her hardwood floors. Based on other odd jobs they’d done around her house, she assumed they’d be fine.

Instead, her floors were left embedded with sawdust and dirt underneath the polyurethane coating, as well as grooves from shoddy sanding, she says. When she complained, the company refused to give her any of the $2,500 back.

“I believed he was a licensed contractor,” Kearney told the station. She stopped believing that as the man completed the job; her floors were left feeling rough due to all of the debris trapped underneath the coating.

“He destroyed my floors — he just destroyed them,” she says, adding that she’s trying to settle the matter in small claims court. “I don’t know how he goes to bed at night and puts his head on his pillow.”

The company’s rating with the Better Business Bureau? A solid F. That was news to Kearney, who says she’s learned her lesson about doing some solid research before any home-improvement project.

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