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How to Keep Tile Floors Clean

Tile Floors Clean

Taking Care of Your Tile Floors Simply Requires Regularity and a Few Simple Strategies.

Tile flooring presents an attractive, durable option that remains very popular among homeowners. Keeping your tile floors clean, however, can present a challenge for even the most diligent housekeeper. If your tile floors consistently appear dirty, practice these three strategies. 

Use a Doormat

That it can seem like too obvious of a solution, a good doormat can prevent against the entry of dirt into your home. Aside from cleanliness, doormats will also prevent against damage to your home. As dirt gets tracked across tile, it will eventually wear away the tile’s finish.

Regular Cleaning

To keep your tile floors looking their best, clean them about once a week. You can both sweep and mop on a regular basis, and use a cleaner or damp rags to scrub out tough areas. This regular practice will also make it easier to keep your floors clean, as stains and messes will never have a chance to settle.

Target Tough Areas

If certain areas of your tile floor get dirtier than others, you will need to use cleaners and a little elbow grease. Make sure not to use cleaners that contain ammonia or acidic substances like lemon juice, however. For textured tile, you may need to use a scrubbing sponge or brush to keep your tile floors clean.

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