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Not Sure Which Carpet Is Best For a Room?

berber carpetCarpet is a classic floor material that has stood the test of time. If you are worried about your children, your pets, or heavy traffic wearing down your carpet, you will be surprised at how modern carpets have been developed to resist this everyday wear and tear. Not to mention, stain resistant carpets and cleaning technologies have come a long way. To help you narrow down the perfect carpet for the conditions in your home or business, we detail a few popular options here.

Pattern, Length, and Density

  • Frieze carpet is an all-around winner. Its thick weave and light patterns expertly conceal stains and dirt. While it is a shag carpet, the fibers are wound tightly to give it a thick, plushy feel. This also affords it excellent sound absorption and many years of durability. 
  • Textured carpet is an option that takes the cake for being highly durable yet sophisticated. Textured carpet is ideal for large expanses or drab rooms by adding visual depth and stimulation. It also makes for exceptional rugs. Durability, appeal, and style all in one!
  • Berber carpet is easily the most popular material in high traffic areas as well as commercial settings. Its tight weave holds in place for many years, allowing Berber to maintain its shape and quality after long periods of heavy use.

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