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Pros and Cons of Granite Counter Tops

It’s always important to know the benefits and drawbacks to any material in your household; every material has them. This applies to granite counter tops as well. Here’s a quick list of some of the pros and cons:






  • Their value does not depreciate.
  • They have a luminous, almost reflective look.
  • They can actually add value to your residence.
  • Bacteria has a hard time multiplying on its surface.
  • Heated cook-ware won’t damage it.
  • It’s easy to clean.
  • They last forever.


  • Since they last forever, a bad color choice will haunt you.
  • It may not have a consistent texture, as each slab of granite is unique.
  • Material and installation can run up a large bill.
  • There is a possibility of cracking if hit with large, heavy, pointed objects.
  • It might need additional structural support due to it’s heaviness.

Keeping these in mind, you can make an informed choice about whether granite counter tops are the right choice for you. Here at Flooring DFW Warehouse, we offer granite counter top installation alongside a host of other services. For more information, please give us a call at (817) 861-3737.

4 Methods For Keeping Your Floors Clean

Nobody likes to clean. We all want to get it over with as quickly as possible. Here are 4 different methods of approach to keeping your floors spotless:









1- Just leave the dirt outside:

The best way to keep a floor clean is to never get it dirty in the first place. Always keep a welcome mat outside of your door to knock off the dirt that accumulates on the bottom of your shoes. Make it a house rule to take off your shoes after entering the home. In the winter months, make sure everyone has a pair of warm slippers to keep their feet from getting cold.

2- Use a broom:

Brooms are a great tool for the initial cleaning and regular maintenance. You can use a mop, just be careful about what type of floor you’re using it on. Making daily sweeping part of your routine is a great way to keep dirt from piling up.

3- Use a vacuum:

Your vacuum is where the real cleaning begins. Make sure it’s on the floor setting and go to town. You don’t have to use your vacuum as often as you use your broom, maybe once a week or more if you have pets. 

4- Use vinegar:

This is the classic home remedy for all the hard to clean areas. Mix vinegar and water in a plastic squirt bottle, spray lightly over desired areas, and wipe with a dry/damp mop. You can keep this method in your back pocket as a trump card for when dirt has really built up.


A clean house is a happy house. For any flooring needs, Give Flooring DFW Warehouse a call at (817) 861-3737.