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Finding Your Low Maintenance Tile Floor

Kitchen With Tile

Ceramic and Porcelain Offer a Vast Array of Colors and Styles, Without the High Maintenance.

If you are looking for your next tile flooring material, it can be difficult knowing which type to choose. For some homeowners, simple upkeep is just as important as appearance and design. For those of you wanting to get new tile without giving up the easy life, here are the top two low maintenance tile!

Flooring #1: Ceramic Flooring

One of the most popular of flooring materials, ceramic tile comes in numerous colors (so you can browse to your heart’s content). Ceramic is widely accessible and provides cost-effective waterproofing for your home’s floor. If you’re into the aesthetic style of hardwood floors, ceramic wood tiles offer a pretty great imitation. Ceramics flooring can get a little chilly during the winter, but socks and rugs can take care of that.

Ceramic flooring does require occasional grout resealing, but that’s about all the maintenance it requires. That means a mop and broom are all you need to keep your floor looking spiffy!

Flooring #2: Porcelain Tile

Porcelain is even more durable than ceramic, able to endure decades of heavy foot traffic throughout the house. With several styles and colors to choose from, homeowners can easily find tile that mimics travertine, hardwood, and marble flooring. All the maintenance required is regular sweeping and mopping, with grout re-sealing on occasion. Porcelain can endure a wide temperature range and high humidity, so you can even use it for your outdoor projects.

These materials are the best low maintenance tile solutions for homeowners. If you’d like to learn more about either ceramic or porcelain, you can talk to one of our experts at DFW Flooring Warehouse. Give us a call at 817.861.3737.