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When to Choose Porcelain over Ceramic Tile

You want to replace some of the flooring in your home with tile, but there are a lot of tile options out there to choose from! Two popular options are porcelain tile and ceramic tile. Depending on the style and the room you are renovating, there are certain qualities in porcelain compared to ceramic that will help you narrow down your options. We’ll go over couple different best use cases for porcelain and how they differ from ceramic.

tile bathroom

Porcelain tile is a highly durable material that withstands the pressure, scuffs, and scratches that come with high traffic areas of your home. That is why we recommend porcelain for areas such as foyers, living rooms, and hallways. These tiles are more durable because they are exposed to high temperatures when being made. This increases the density and strength of each tile. While ceramic isn’t fragile or flimsy, it won’t last nearly as long as porcelain when installed in these areas of your home.

Porcelain is waterproof and recommended for bathrooms and kitchens. The density of the porcelain tiles prevents the tiles from being porous and so it sheds water rather than absorbing it. That makes it perfect for showers and floors in your bathrooms as well as the backsplash, flooring, and even counters in your kitchen. There might not be as much moisture content in the kitchen, but porcelain will be more resilient in situations where spills or standing water occurs.

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