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How to Preserve Hardwood Floors

hardwood floors

Hardwood floors can add a lot to a home’s visible aesthetic.

For many people, apprehensions around the maintenance of wood floors dissuade them from installation. In reality, the floors require much less maintenance than people assume. Surprisingly simple to clean and preserve, these floors reward attention and add warmth and elegance to any room. To preserve your new hardwood floors, simply follow these simple directions.

Keep Them Clean

You do not need to swoop down immediately on any crumbs that hit your floor. Excess dirt will cause the floors to lose their luster, however, so practice good cleaning habits. Most importantly, you’ll want to blot spills as soon as they occur. Liquids can undermine the floor if they set into the wood. When you mop your floors, use water conservatively, and ensure that the floors completely dry.

Felt Protectors

Hardwood floors remain prone to scratches. Because of this, you will want to install felt protectors on the legs of any chairs or other furniture. As a general rule of thumb, widen the felt protector to accommodate increased weight from a heavy piece of furniture.

Use Rugs

Rugs and runners can prove themselves a saving grace in high traffic areas. Think of them as a shield that absorbs the worst of the damage directed to your floors — one that is much easier to replace.

Mind Your Shoes

If you enjoy wearing heels, remove your shoes before you walk across your hardwood floors. Pointy or spiked heels can create scratches that become difficult to buff. The same logic applies to pets with long toenails. If you plan to maintain your hardwood floors, keep Fido’s nails clipped.

These are just a few strategies to help with the care and maintenance of hardwood floors. To learn more, don’t hesitate to contact the experts at DFW Flooring Warehouse. We’re just a short phone call away at 817.861.3737.