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Durable, Affordable Flooring Types in Dallas-Fort Worth

What to buy?

There are affordable flooring types with quality options for various types of flooring. The kind you choose should be based on the type of foot traffic you’ll have – i.e. pets, large business, small home, warehouse or restaurant. All of these require different types of flooring and all have smarter solutions

Affordable Hard Flooring Types

On the cheaper side of the flooring types spectrum, options such as laminate, bamboo, vinyl wood planks and vinyl tiles, cork and painted plywood will all give the look of luxury with a lower price tag. These are all great options for floored areas that don’t experience too much wear and tear over time like a school or a large business would. Not to mention, hard floors are almost always pet friendly.

Flooring Types Display

We offer many flooring samples so that you find the perfect match for your home.


For something a little more durable, carpet tiles and porcelain are just a few of your mid-range, higher valued flooring. Carpet tiles provide great ways to change up style and look where you need or want it. Remember, there are many different types of carpeting, all with different materials and texture types that decide it’s durability and compatibility with pets, shoes and moisture (stains!). Ask a DFW Flooring expert about available choices today.

Solid wood, ceramic tile

These are some of the most comfortable versions of hard flooring. Wood can provide a warmth and comfort unmatched by other hard floors. Ceramic tiles bring authenticity to the table, with long lasting durability, quality customization and great look. While these flooring types may be more expensive at first, remember they will be a valuable investment when you don’t have to redo your floors every five years or less.

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