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Pros And Cons Of Bamboo Flooring

One of the more popular flooring trends of late is bamboo flooring. Bamboo is a very stylish flooring option, and usually has a lower cost than other wood flooring choices. It comes in a variety of options for colors and styles, giving you amazing choices for your home.  However, before you jump on the bamboo trend bus, we have compiled a list of pros and cons to help you make an informed decision!

Pros Of Bamboo Flooring

  • Photo of bamboo flooringDurable – We will say this, bamboo flooring is very durable. It has the same tough qualities of other hardwood flooring options, minus the cost. Un-carbonized bamboo can take as much as red oak! So if you are concerned about potential wear, no worries, this stuff is tough.
  • Natural & Eco Friendly – Bamboo is actually categorized as a tall, fast growing grass rather than a hardwood. It only takes a few years for the bamboo shoots to reach full maturity. Super sustainable, it’s actually a fantastic choice for those of us who are eager to help the environment.
  • Easy To Maintain – There’s nothing more taxing than cleaning and polishing super intensive flooring. Luckily, bamboo flooring actually does not require all that much! Mopping with a simple solution of mild soap and water cleans up bamboo flooring super quickly! Also, in the event you need to refinish, bamboo takes sanding and new finish quickly and easily.

Here Come The Cons

  • Sensitive To Humidity – This has to do with the size of the planks used in flooring construction. Depending on size, your planks can have very adverse reactions to very humid or dry environments, leading to expansion, shrinking, and even splitting of boards entirely.
  • Water Damage – While classified as a fast growing grass, this flooring is a wood like any other. While more resistant to water, it can absorb some, leading to warping and discoloration. Mold growth can even occur!
  • Prone To Scratches – This flooring can take damage and is super durable, but when it comes to sand, dog claws, and furniture scuffles, it can take its toll. Some lower qualities will even be susceptible to damage easier than that! Always ask about the quality of flooring you are receiving.

Remember, when choosing a flooring for your house, it is always best to make an informed decision and to go with your likes and dislikes, not what is most trendy. For more options, feel free to stop by our showroom to see our vast selection or give us a call at 817.861.3737! We offer the finest flooring in the Arlington, TX and DFW area!